Providing commercial and project support services to the energy sector

Providing commercial and project support services to the energy sector

Who we are

Gerardo Arteaga leads Torchlight Energy Services. Gerardo is a professional operating at executive level in the energy sector, with nearly 20 years of experience, both technical and commercial, in operating, consulting and service companies. Gerardo has negotiated agreements with a total value of over $250mm and has also advised governments and agencies in Angola, São Tomé e Príncipe, Tanzania and New Zealand. 
Gerardo speaks several languages and thus understands the advantages of providing multi-lingual experts to Torchlight’s clients.


Economic Modelling

We build and review economic models and perform valuations to help negotiate and make decisions.

Energy Transition and Climate Change

We help you navigate and provide you with advice to take the opportunities brought by the Energy Transition and the efforts to mitigate or adapt to Climate Change 

Commercial Agreements

We help you review, manage and negotiate Upstream commercial agreements. Ask us about our toolkit for Decommissioning Securities/contractual guarantees.

Capacity Building

We develop local human resources by designing and providing training either stand alone, as part of an advisory project or at postgraduate level.


2022: Completed online training on Energy Conversion and Storage (inc. Hydrogen) and on Climate Change Risk in Finance.

2021: Completed the MOOC Climate Change: Carbon Capture and Storage from the University of Edinburgh on edx.
2020: Completed the MOOC Energy Transition: Innovation towards a low-carbon future from IFP School.
2019: Thank you Dr Stephen Bowden and Antonio Oburu-Ondo Avomo for hosting us at the beautiful library of the University of Aberdeen. It was great to meet students, alumni and advisors, to introduce Torchlight and to have a vibrant discussion of various topics, in particular the #energytransition and our potential roles on it. #mscogem

Contact us

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: + (44) 7854034790